Disinfection Products

The Latest Technologies in Critical Area Disinfection

Minncare Cold Sterilant

Industry-leading water system disinfection products.

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Ready-to-use disinfectant and sterilants for us in critical areas.

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Dry Fog Technology


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Mar Cor Purification is a leading providers of sterilization products to the cleanroom and high purity water markets. By providing a combination of liquid, ready-to-use and airborne sterilization options, Mar Cor can help meet a variety of sterilizaiton requirements.

Masked medical professional using biopharm disinfection products


The Minncare Dry Fog system provides an easy to use, high technology solution for clean room and critical area disinfection. The combination of our highly effective Minncare Cold Sterilant chemical and our state of the art Dry Fog system enables users to rapidly and safely deliver Minncare® vapor to even the most complex areas.

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