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Cantel Announces Initiatives to Help Fight COVID-19

April 1, 2020

Cantel Medical Corp. announced today specific areas of focus and associated actions to combat the COVID-19 virus.

LITTLE FALLS, N.J., April 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/

Cantel Medical Corp. (NYSE: CMD) announced today specific areas of focus and associated actions to combat the COVID-19 virus. In these unprecedented times, the company is concentrating on enhanced production, product innovation and value-add COVID-19 education in support of first-responders and other healthcare professionals.

“我们正在尽一切努力为the global effort focused on addressing the COVID-19 pandemic,” said George Fotiades, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cantel. “Supporting those on the front lines, in addition to our global employee base, is job one, and we are working closely with distribution partners to ensure that our masks, PPE and other infection prevention solutions are going to those who are most in need. Infection prevention is the core of our company’s mission, and we are doing everything possible to deliver key products and services to serve and protect healthcare professionals.”


Cantel has focused on accelerating surgical earloop mask production by its HuFriedyGroup dental division, increasing manufacturing to 24 hours a day, seven days a week at the organization’s two New York manufacturing sites and expanding manufacturing lines to increase production volume by over 50%. The enhanced hours and expanded production capacity have enabled the production of over 4.4 million masks per week to serve healthcare professionals. Recently, the organization has increased its manufacturing output on protective face shields by 50% and anticipates an increase of output by 100% in two weeks. These products are being deployed to medical and dental customers.

In addition to masks, HuFriedyGroup is focused on increasing sourcing through sub-suppliers to increase product availability on key products lines such as hand sanitizer, hand sanitizing wipes, protective eye wear, and surface disinfectants. These products span a variety of HuFriedyGroup brands including Crosstex, Hu-Friedy, and Palmero.

Cantel is also focused on innovating products that play a major role on the front lines of combatting COVID-19. On the dental side, AdvantaClear™ surface disinfectant is designed to clean and disinfect surfaces while effectively killing a broad spectrum of disease-causing microorganisms in one minute. Importantly, AdvantaClear surface disinfectant has been added to the EPA List N: Disinfectants for Use Against SARS-CoV-2, and is classified as being effective against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19.

Cantel’s ACTRIL™ Cold Sterilant surface disinfectant, traditionally sold into the life sciences segment, is another example of unique product innovation. ACTRIL Cold Sterilant is a powerful disinfectant containing a proprietary mixture of 0.08% peracetic acid and 1.0% hydrogen peroxide. It is effective against a broad spectrum of organisms, including bacterial spores, fungal spores, bacteria, mycobacteria, yeast, molds, and viruses. Cantel is actively working with its medical division to offer this powerful disinfectant to hospital customers to help in the fight against infections.

Cantel has made significant investments in the area of COVID-19 education. The COVID-19 Resource Center as well as a series of infection prevention webinars and podcasts, developed by the dental division, have been visited and attended by close to 20,000 people. The GreenLight Dental Compliance Center™, a first-of-its-kind solution, provides a single, convenient online portal that contains everything a dental practice needs to develop and maintain a compliant infection prevention program. Cantel remains focused on providing its customers a “Complete Circle of Protection” that includes workflow management solutions, instrument reprocessing, infection prevention, and compliance. The initial deployment of these programs is to the dental community through our HuFriedyGroup business. In the weeks and months ahead, we will look to expand these key educational resources to our Medivators business serving our medical customers.

For media inquiries, contact Patrick Bernardi, HuFriedyGroup Chief Marketing Officer, at or 773.868.5806.

关于Cantel Medical:
Cantel Medical is a leading global company dedicated to delivering innovative infection prevention products and services for patients, caregivers, and other healthcare providers which improve outcomes, enhance safety and help save lives. Our products include specialized medical device reprocessing systems for endoscopy and renal dialysis, advanced water purification equipment, sterilants, disinfectants and cleaners, sterility assurance monitoring products for hospitals and dental clinics, disposable infection control products primarily for dental and GI endoscopy markets, instruments and instrument reprocessing workflow systems serving the dental industry, dialysate concentrates, hollow fiber membrane filtration and separation products. Additionally, we provide technical service for our products.


About HuFriedyGroup:
HuFriedyGroup, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cantel Medical Corp. (NYSE: CMD), is the global leader in infection prevention, instrument manufacturing, and instrument reprocessing workflows, with over 177 years of collective experience in the dental industry. HuFriedyGroup helps dental professionals be the best in practice by providing a complete circle of protection in the dental suite, bringing world class products, services, education, and communities that result in superior clinician performance, superior clinical outcomes, and safety for clinicians and patients. Headquartered in Chicago, HuFriedyGroup products are distributed in more than 100 countries, and the company maintains offices in Germany, Italy, China, Singapore, and Japan.


关于Mar Cor纯化:
Canel Medical Corp.(纽约证券交易所股票代码:CMD)的全资子公司Mar Cor Purification,Inc。是一家水净化公司,是北美最大的透析医用水系统供应商。它在美国和加拿大拥有30个城市的设施,包括位于大都市区的九块离子交换树脂再生工厂。Mar Cor还为高纯度客户提供交钥匙水净化系统,包括药物,化妆品,半导体和其他细菌控制应用。通过全球分销网络提供独特的中空纤维过滤/bob游戏平台分离产物和过乙酸(PAA)消毒BOB体育在哪下载剂。进一步的信息,访问

About Medivators:
Canel Medical Corp.的全资子公司Medivators Inc.该公司提供一系列全面的内窥镜,包括市场领先的洗涤剂,消毒剂和灭菌剂;BOB体育在哪下载技术先进的自动内窥镜重建器;单用阀门和其他内窥镜检查程序产品;BOB体育在哪下载干燥和储存柜;和设备跟踪系统。我们的产品和服务产品在我们完整的保护圈中融为一体,感染预防计划旨在帮助客户简化再处理工作流程,提高部门效率,降低感染风险。

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